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WDF Services

WDF Services portfolio of operations has established us as the definite choice for your machining needs. Our capabilities have impacted numerous sectors; including energy generation, oil, gas, automotive and aerospace.


WDF has aided in the development of solar panel support structures and mechanisms through its recognized machining know-how.


Aerospace & Automotive

Thanks to WDF’s machining expertise; fields such as off-road racing, commercial vehicles and specialized transportation have benefitted for high quality products at a reasonable price.

Oil & Gas

WDF’s machinings currently uphold gas transmission lines, regulators and valves, as well as drilling mechanisms in the oil & gas sector.

Honesty Machining


Machining its our thing. We machine a large number of components used on the Energy, Transport, Aerospace and Industrial Sectors. Equipped with a wide variety of machine centers, we are ready to serve you.

Honesty Fabricated Products


With capabilities to fabricate a wide variety of products, ranging from steel welded assemblies, sheet metal components and many other assembled products, we are the choice for your machining needs.

Honesty Joint Ventures

Joint Ventures

Our broad experiences setting up companies within Mexico and delivering turn key operations for multi-million dollar firms have gone beyond 20 years of vast dedication.

Honesty Maquila Subcontract

Maquila Subcontract

As part of our package, we are resourceful option for Maquiladora and manufacturing subcontract services. Our hands have been in the development of products for numerous sectors. We can help you with a solution, quotation, information or analysis of any of your Maquiladora needs door to door.

Honesty Import - Export

Import - Export Experience

Land, sea, or air is not a problem. We have processed thousands of imports and exports over the last 20 years through almost all the borders in Mexico, and can accommodate shipping for yours.

WDF’s expertise in the industrial sector has led to joint ventures with many different companies. For this matter, Pathways was consolidated as a commercial partner for brand market accompaniment and representation.


WDF’s relationship with its clients is primordial. We are committed to deliver quality products with the best service attitude. With this in mind, trustworthy relationships have been built with a wide scope of clients from different business areas.

Iso 9001


WDFs levels of quality, service and support are proudly reflected by our ISO 9001:2015 Certification.

Contact us

Saturno #18 Col. Alamitos Parque Industrial Mexicali
PIMSA 1 Mexicali, Baja California, México, C.P. 21210

+52 1 (686) 565 6444

Contact us

Saturno #18 Col. Alamitos Parque Industrial Mexicali
PIMSA 1 Mexicali, Baja California, México, C.P. 21210

+52 1 (686) 565 6444


With over 25 years of professional experience conducting business for multinational and personal companies, WDF's CEO is responsible to provide vision for multiple businesses, review P&L's, Budgets, and plan executions. Its commitment to achieve results and to make wealth of the opportunities for clients, partners and colleagues has resulted in well established models and favorable negotiations.

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